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Classes & Events

Our classes are available in person at Beginnings Birth Center,
 or virtually from the comfort of your home.


Prenatal Yoga with Laptop
Bodhi, Birth, & Baby: 7 week Childbirth Series

Join us for our childbirth education series, designed for expecting families as a guide through the many facets of childbirth, the immediate postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care. We will delve into each component of childbirth education with a new bonding activities and handouts each week, explore the physiological realm of childbirth and how the laboring body functions, while discovering and embracing the next version of yourself before crossing the threshold into parenthood.  Bodhi, Birth, & Baby embodies connection, empowerment, and knowledge. Families will leave feeling enlightened, having cultivated a deeper connection with themselves, their partner, and the amazing journey of childbirth.

This class is meant for first time birthers and those seeking a unique childbirth education experience.

Breath & Body, Nourishing Your Newborn, & Life After Birth are included in this series.

$480/birthing person & 1 support

*Additional charge to deliver or ship class supplies 


Breath & Body 

Begin your birth journey empowered and enlightened with our Breath & Body class. Embrace your body's inherent power to birth with ease and grace through conscious comfort techniques, breathwork, rebozo work, positioning, and other tools to use throughout your labor. Learn how to create an environment where your journey can be sacredly celebrated and gain confidence in knowledge of your body's natural rhythms.

This class is meant for any birthing person and their partner. 

$65/birthing person & 1 support


Nourishing Your Newborn 

Guided by our IBCLC, Mara Heiden, explore the depths of nourishment for your baby(s) with our breastfeeding/chestfeeding class. Gain confidence as you embark on your journey by learning proper latching, hunger cues, supplementation, feeding positions, & more. 

This class is meant for first time birthers and their partners, as well as anyone in need of an infant feeding refresher. 

$65/birthing person & 1 support


Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Mother and Baby
Life After Birth

We welcome you to the next step of your parenthood journey: life after birth. Join us as we explore practical topics such as diaper changing, bottle feeding, bathing, and more. Back your confidence as a new parent through evidenced based information and first hand experience of all things baby related.

This class is meant for first time birthers and their partners, as well as anyone in need of a newborn care refresher. 

$65/birthing person & 1 support


If you have any questions regarding our classes & events, email us at

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