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Auriel Cerio-Bernstein

“Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are by far the most potent portals of transformation a person
will journey through in their life. I’m honored to provide unconditional, compassionate care to
my clients no matter where their unique pathway may lead and no matter who they may become
along the way.”


Auriel was raised in a heavily spiritual home and has been fascinated about the spirituality of
pregnancy and birth since her childhood. After becoming an Usui reiki master teacher in 2013,
offering womb healing and celebratory ceremonies, it was only natural for her to become a
doula to serve people through the sacred journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Her
passion for reproductive wellness leads her to continuously expand her knowledge in various
subjects to offer more well rounded care to her clients. As a birth worker, she provides unbiased
spiritual, emotional, and physical support to women as they cross the threshold into the next
version of themselves. Auriel is devoted to helping people connect with their personal power
and tap into their own innate wisdom to have a birth experience they can feel empowered by.

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More About Auriel

Auriel is a mother to a seriously vivacious little boy and very talkative cat. She has a passion for gardening and herbalism and spends her free time tending to her community garden and her jungle of houseplants. She enjoys spending time in nature exploring the many amazing landscapes that Colorado has to offer.

She currently serves the following areas: 

Cañon City, Colorado Springs, La Junta, Pueblo, & Walsenburg

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