My passion and drive to help others doesn't just begin and end as a future nurse. The birth process is undeniably one of the most incredible aspects of humanity and I want to be akin to every step of the way from preconception to postpartum.



Holeigh dived head first into the birth world after her doula training concluded in the summer of 2020. Surrounded by all things birth from the start of motherhood through her work experience, it was a no brainer that Holeigh was meant to be a doula. She has two wild, incredible, little boys, was a surrogate, worked in fertility at a reproductive endocrinologist's office, and maintains a heavy presence in the surrogacy and infertility world. Her passion derives from her children and helping others become parents themselves.

 Holeigh currently works along side an OBGYN, is going to nursing school, and has dreams of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. Holeigh provides unconditional emotional, physical, and educational support on all aspects of your journey.

Find Holeigh in the Denver metro area

The days she isn't working or supporting births, she is studying or in mommy mode.  She loves to release her creative side in art or get lost in a novel. Holeigh is also a level 2 Reiki Master and offers Reiki healing to all of The Doula Circle clients!