What a blessed life I have, being able to walk with women through birth. There is nothing more beautiful or precious than watching a woman surrender and overcome. For they will soon find themselves on the other side a new woman.


Sarah began working as a Birth Doula in 2012. She is an experienced Midwife Assistant and now Student Midwife. She is committed to serving families of all shapes, sizes, and beliefs as they walk this delicate, awe-inspiring journey from pregnancy to parenthood. 

"Sarah is analytical yet intuitive, her greatest skill is being able to walk into a room, read the situation, and adapt as needed."

"Whatever the question or concern, Sarah is the Doula to ask! She is so knowledgable about everything Birth! "

More About Sarah

Sarah is always ready for the next great challenge. Whether it is adventuring with her children, starting her newest art project, or diving into a good book, she has an explorer's heart. Sarah has three curious children, who are her ultimate spiritual guides and who inspire her every day. 


She lives on the Westside, with her supportive husband, three children, and their two dogs.