I'll meet you in the tough moments and the tender ones. I'll read and anticipate from one breath to the next. When it’s strength you need, I'll hold you up and when it’s comfort you need, I'll hold you close."



When Lauren moved to Colorado, she was 20 weeks pregnant, and carrying tons of stress and anxiety due to her personal history of pregnancy loss. She quickly found an amazing doula, prenatal yoga, and birth education classes through The Doula Circle which completely changed her pregnancy experience. Lauren went from operating out of a place of caution and fear to feeling safe, excited, and confident in her body and ability to birth. After her strong, spunky girl was born, she has been all in on birth- eating up information and resources, supporting other moms and partners, and leaning in on the path it has set her on. Lauren’s goal now as a doula is to help other women discover their own strength. She will be there for you and your family as a gentle listening ear, a resource, an advocate, and as your biggest cheerleader.

More About Lauren

After living and working in Chicago for several years as a rehab therapist, Lauren and her husband relocated to beautiful Colorado Springs for year-round access to the outdoors. Hiking and kayaking refresh her soul, but so does cuddling up with a book and cup of hot coffee!