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Breastfeeding is natural but that doesnt always mean it is a smooth process. An in-home consultation with our IBCLC can increase your comfort and success!

Mara Naomi, IBCLC, will travel to your home to support and ensure that breastfeeding is off to a healthy start.


Included at a visit: 

 • Observation of breastfeeding technique

 • Assessment of both mother and baby

 • Assisting mothers who are experiencing difficulty

 • Increasing mother's comfort regarding breastfeeding

 • Expanding mother's and family's knowledge of breastfeeding

 • If requested, a visit report for pediatrician can be provided



Home visits are much more effective than an office visit. Being comfortable at home can help create a more realistic learning environment for mother and baby. Mary can coach in adapting your environment for more success. 



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