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Mama Assistant

Mama Assistant

SKU: 54654925

Flexible support to ease the everyday load of new motherhood. This services focuses on helping the new famly with baby care, light house cleaning, and evidence based parenting and newborn education. Support is booked in 3 hour blocks. 

Bringing home a new baby can be overwhelming.  Is  my baby getting enough food?  How often should my baby pee and poop?  Should I wake my baby to eat?  Does this cord stump look okay? When will I have time to tiddy my house?  I'm so tired!!  Am I doing this right?


The postpartum period can be overwhelming for a new family.  It is one of the most overlooked and underprepared for times in a new family's life.

Grandma might be helpful, but so much has changed since she was a new mother.  Our Mama Assistants are current on all of the latest research and resources.  They are skilled in newborn care, breastfeeding, pumping, baby sleep cycles, post birth care of a new mother and are great help keeping the house running while you recover from birth!!


You focus on what is important while we keep everything running smoothly.

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