Sibling Doula Care

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Compassionate, Professional On-Call Child Care for Labor

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A Sibling Doula helps to care for your children while you are in labor. Whether that is during labor, when you leave to go to the hospital, or as an extra set of hands during your homebirth. Having your children present during your birth is a beautiful gift, but some families worry that their children's needs may not be met during labor. It is ideal that your children have the flexability to come and go during labor as their comfort and interest permit. Having someone who can attend to their needs, comfort them, and explain the process in an accessible way, is invaluable. The Sibling Doula can also provide childcare in your home if you choose not to have them present at the birth. 

Finding a reliable, on-call childcare solution can be tricky. You will need to find someone who can be on call all hours of the day and night, and will show up when you need them. The Doula Circle has the perfect solution!


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